Monday, April 23, 2007

Todays Thoughts

My house closes today! Wahoo. After today I will be poor for the next thirty years, most likely longer, and I'm still excited about it. I can not wait to move in, and make my own curtains, and decorate exactly how I want. Now if I only had money to buy stuff for my new home. That would be nice.
Rain! I love that it has been raining all weekend and its still raining. It's been so nice. It looks like it will clear up today finally, but I wish it would keep going. Its been so refreshing. By the end of the week the temperature is supposed to be up around 90 again.
Tomorrow I am getting a full leg wax. I've never had my legs waxed before and I'm pretty nervous. I'm afraid it is going to hurt really really bad. The girl that is doing it for me says that it only hurts on the shin and around the ankle, but for some reason I don't believe her. Last night I was in bed trying to sleep, but I started thinking about my leg wax and it woke me right up. I'll sleep better once it's over.

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