Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Last night Robbie and I went to our new house to do some cleaning before we moved in. We spent 2 hours cleaning the kitchen. I realize now that different people have different standards of clean. Maybe they thought they were leaving us a nice clean kitchen, but we didn't agree. We cleaned off all the counters and inside all the cupboards and microwave and stove were pretty gross. But the refrigerator was the worst of all. We spent an hour cleaning that. Tonight we are cleaning the carpet as well as the bathrooms. Then we should be ready to move in! I am really excited to get all my stuff moved in. When we were over there last night I felt like an intruder. It didn't seem like it was really my house.
I think I am most excited to fix up the yard. The back yard is actually pretty good size, but right now it is all dirt. We plan on putting in grass and a garden and, if Robbie has his way, a putting green. Of course this is all in the future, because right now we have no money because we just bought a house. :)

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