Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boxed up

Packing Packing Packing. A couple of weeks ago a friend in the ward called Robbie and I and asked for help moving. We went over to her house only to find it a mess. When we asked where she wanted to start she just said everything needed to go. We spent the afternoon throwing unorganized stuff into the back of a moving truck. That is when I decided that everything that I moved into my new house would be gone through, organized, and packed neatly. I figure this way I wont move any trash or junk into my new house. Also my friends and family who help me move will keep some of their sanity while hauling everything out. I also dont think that everyone needs to see and go through all your personal belongings. Ha - Easier said than done I'm finding out. Packing is pretty hard. No matter how many boxes I get packed and piled up it still seems like I'm not getting any closer. On moving day it will be interesting to find out how it goes.

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