Sunday, October 7, 2012


Ohmygoodness!  I have a 4 year old.  Robbie celebrated his birthday this year with a Hulk birthday party.  The night before the party we went to the store to buy a cake and a few other things, but what he really wanted was a REALLY big apple (he eats so many I usually buy the small ones) and a watermelon.  That kid loves fruit. 
I found a green shirt at the Goodwill a while back that I thought would make a perfect Hulk shirt.  I cut out the design with freezer paper and painted a Hulk face on it.  He really liked his shirt.  In fact, he wore it all weekend long.  That Hulk face ended up being the theme for our party.  His face showed up on the watermelon, the cake, and the ice-cream cups.  I also cut out Hulk faces and the kids glued them together.
The party was a blast and Robbie had a really great time turning 4.  We actually celebrated all weekend long, and it was the best weekend ever.  We went to the park, went swimming, shot off a model rocket, went to lunch with Nonie and Grandpa, and played with his new toys non-stop. 
Robbie is such a sweet kid.  He is nice and sensitive.  He is a really great big brother.  He cares so much for Kailyn and doesn't like to see her sad, unless it is him making her sad.  He loves the Super Hero Squad.  He really likes reading and doing puzzles.  He can do 100 piece puzzles all by himself and I love to watch how his brain works to figure it out.  I am so lucky to be his mother.  

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