Friday, October 5, 2012

8 Wonderful Years

I'm a little late on this but in September Rob and I celebrated 8 years of marriage.  In that time we have lived in 5 different homes in 2 cities.  Renting 4 of them and losing our shirts on 1.  We have had 5 different employers and I'm finally able to stay home with my family.  We have had 2 beautiful children and 1 angel baby - one of which turns 4 tomorrow.  We have said "I love you" a million and one times, and "I'm sorry" a million and two times.
Time is flying by and yet when I think about our wedding day it seems like ages ago.  At our wedding reception an old couple came by to congratulate us.  The old man said that one day we would look back at on our wedding day and wonder how we could have even loved each other.  He explained that, if we did it right, our love would keep growing and growing.  I didn't understand what he meant then, but I am starting to now. 
When Rob and I got married we had never been in a fight.  It sounds silly, but we never had anything to disagree about.  We had very few trials and hardships.  After 8 years that is no longer the case, but I wouldn't trade one fight or trial because it has made our love even stronger than I could have imagined.  We have also had lots of reasons to love each other.  Rob is hard working, loving, and the best dad ever.  I'm grateful for the past 8 years and I look forward to many many more.  Especially because Rob keeps getting even better looking every year :)     
Engagement picture. 2004
Taken on our anniversary. 2012

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