Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mustache May

Since starting his new job last August Rob has had to be clean shaven for work everyday. Apparently this is a very hard thing for him so he decided to grow a mustache (the only allowable facial hair) for the month of May. However, he couldn't do it alone and managed to get all the guys in his department to join the fun. It reminded me of the time he convinced all his friends to grow one sideburn because only one of his would grow in. Luckily the mustaches were more fun than they could handle and it only lasted half way through the month.

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natalie.d.johansen said...

GAH. every guy at BYU wants to grow a mustache because that's the only facial hair allowed. It makes for a bunch of scraggly creeps running around on campus--because there are very few guys that can pull off a mustache. Rob doesn't look bad, but man, there are some guys that look totally creepy.