Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best. Weekend. Ever.

OK. So I know I'm a little late posting about the best weekend ever, but the fact that it is still on my mind really says something about how awesome it was. Easter weekend we headed to St. George to spend time with family and friends. My sister (and best friend) and her adorable family were also headed to St. George from West Jordan. I haven't seen her since the first of February. That is such a long time for us to be apart. -Side note: I once told my handsome husband that if he ever moved me from St. George he must get me home to see my family at least 6 times a year.- Of course, I was also excited to see my Dad and Micki and Carl and his darling family. Also, my dear friends Derrik and Amber came to spend the day with us as well.
On Saturday we enjoyed an amazing day. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and the adults enjoyed a hamburger BBQ. We sat around the table at ate and chatted and watched the kids play for hours. It was so nice to see Robbie and Kailyn having so much fun with cousins and friends. We ended up spending the whole afternoon and evening hanging out and playing. We ended the day roasting peeps and marshmallows over a roaring fire in my Dad's backyard. By the end of the evening the kids were covered in dirt. We threw them right in the bathtub that night and the water was completely black. I'm so glad I didn't have to clean the tub. I don't think they left any dirt in the backyard.
Kailyn loved finding Easter eggs. When she would find one she would get so excited. Her basket ended up overflowing at the end of the hunt. Robbie on the other hand was much more interested in what was in every egg. After he found one or two he sat down and immediately started eating what was inside. I tried to get him to find more eggs, but he really wasn't all that interested. It was fun watching their different personalities shine.
You are probably wondering what made this day so special. Honestly, it took me a minute to place my finger on just exactly what made it so special. There was family and friends and food and candy and laughing children. All of those things are magical in and of them self, but this weekend it just felt like home. It was the first weekend in a really really long time that felt...normal. Just like it felt before my mom passed away. It felt like home. Thinking about it now still makes me smile. I read somewhere recently: "You never know how precious a moment is until it becomes a memory."

Love, love, love this face!

Love, love, love this face too!

This isn't even how dirty she got. It got worse before the night was over.

Robbie and Kenlee "planting a garden." I love that Kenlee and Robbie are such good friends. There will be a wedding one day.

Roasting Peeps!

Easter Baskets. I got really domestic this year and made the cutest sock bunnies for the kids. I was so happy when Robbie absolutely loved his. He still sleeps with it at night.

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Amber said...

I am still thinking about that day too! Thank you so much for sharing your family with us!