Tuesday, January 22, 2008

5K Baby

This past weekend Jenni and I ran our first 5K. The race started at the Dixie Center and when I got there I couldn't find Jenni anywhere. There were a ton of people all around, and she had my number. I was already nervious but that made it worse. Before the race started we pointed out everyone in the crowd that we thought we could beat. That helped calm my nerves. There were a few 6-10 year olds running the race. They pretty much all beat us. When we started we said that we would run the whole way no matter what. I felt really good as we got going even though it was pretty cold and we both finished pretty strong. Jenni and I both did very well. We ran the whole way and finished it in under 35 minutes. (16th in my age group):-) I feel like I have the running bug now. I cant wait until we run our next race.


Jenni said...

WOW! the running bug! Me too!! Who would have ever guessed that you and I would ever get something like that.

Anonymous said...

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