Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Listen bud! He's got radio active blood.

For Robbie's third birthday we had a Spiderman party. Robbie really likes Spiderman. A few weeks before his birthday we were walking through the store and he found a big Spiderman doll. He carried him around the whole store and was very sad when we had to leave him there. For weeks Robbie kept asking if we could go back to the store and play with spiderman. Luckily I had sent Rob back in to buy him as a birthday present.
The night before his birthday I had the awesome idea to put Spiderman in bed with Robbie so when he woke up he would be there. Kailyn ended up waking up at about 5am and when I went in to check on her Robbie was sitting up in bed holding Spiderman. He kept saying, "Where did he come from?" I tried to explain that it was for his birthday and when the sun came up we would play with him, when all of the sudden Robbie started screaming, "Take him back to the store." I took Spiderman out of the room and Robbie calmed down and went to sleep. In the morning Robbie came in bed with me and when Rob left for work he put Spiderman back in bed with us. Again, when Robbie saw him he started screaming for me to take him back to the store. I ended up throwing him off the bed under a blanket. A few moments later when he really woke up he saw Spiderman and was so excited. He couldn't wait to play with him. But for days he kept asking me where Spiderman came from. He thought Nonni brought him.
It was different having a party without lots of family and friends, but my Dad, Laura, and Micki came up from St. George to celebrate. Having them here made it feel like a regular birthday bash.
I still can't believe that he is three. He is such a good big brother to Kailyn. He tells me, "Kailyn is my best friend." He loves Spiderman, Angry Birds, and playing at the park. He is a really kind little boy and he loves making new friends.

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Cynthia said...

Love that he loves Spiderman, what an awesome kid!