Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kailyn Violet Knowlton

Did you hear that I had a baby? Well I did, and she is beautiful and amazing.

It was an interesting pregnancy. During the first couple of months I felt sick all the time. I would come home from work and lay on the couch until bedtime. I think Robbie and I watched the movie CARS a billion times. Sometimes when I hear the opening music to that movie I still feel nauseous. Turns out that I was eating tainted Fruit Loops every morning for breakfast. Maybe I wouldn't have been so sick. I should have stopped eating the Fruit Loops that tasted like gasoline, but I thought it was just morning sickness that was making me feel that way. As the pregnancy went on I started having really bad acne. Not so unusual for me but very annoying. I am pretty sure I went to the dermatologist more than my OB. Magically as soon as I gave birth my face cleared up.

I really wanted to have the baby early. She was due on December 17, but I knew if I had her early it would give Rob and I more time with the baby before school started back up in January. I had many false alarms. Time after time I was started timing contractions and after an hour or so they would just stop. I finally scheduled an induction for December 14.

On the morning of the 14th I was called in at 5:45am. I went into the hospital and got things started. It went very quickly. Right after they hooked me up to the drip my water broke. When the Dr. came in a few hours later I told him I was feeling lots of pressure. He checked me out and told me to push. He looked at me and said, "She has red hair." For some reason I had never thought that I would have a red headed child. About 30 minutes later she was born. When they placed her on my chest I was amazed at how much she looked like her brother Robbie. The second I sat up and started nursing her she latched on and ate for almost an hour. She has been an amazing baby. She eats good, poops good, and burps good.

It was difficult having a baby with out my mom around to help. When I had Robbie we would drive over to my moms and hang out all afternoon. I felt so alone this time around. But there have been numerous times when I'm having bad days, or even really good days, that I feel my mom with me. I know she is helping me become a better mother and watching over me daily.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Lisa, she's beautiful! I'm am seriously here if you ever need any help, I mean that! So you'd better call me! ;)

Catherine said...

What a cutie, you guys! It's fun to se your sweet little family growing. :)