Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Best of Tuacahn Funnies...thus far

"There is a $5.00 handling PEE per event." - said by me

"So is the Wonderful Wednesday discount...is that on Wednesday?"

"What are you bathrooms like? Are they outhouses?"

"We got tickets for tonight, but my wife has diarrhea." - Gross

"Are there any nights that it doesn't cost to come?"

"I would like tickets for Footless."

"What time does Flash Dance start?"

"Are we supposed to bring our own seats?"


Katie Leigh said...

I can't begin to recount all the gross illnesses people would tell me about when I worked at the eye doctor. You can't help but laugh, though!

Sara Ward said...

Those are funny! My husband (Mark) works on the phone all day and people say some really funny things. We have an ongoing list of the words people use to describe an underscore. At the top of the list is "bottom-line-slash," "lower-case-hyphen," and "underbar".

Robert and Jenni said...

Never a dull day!

Amanda Raybould said...

Bahah!! There really is never a dull day aye. This makes me miss working in the box... only a little though. Actually not really at all.. but I miss YOU!

Natalie said...

and some old ones....
"Can I have tickets for jose and his colored garments, or whatever the hell it's called... sorry honey, I'm from New York."
"Can I exchange my tickets for a brick?"
"Can I get tickets for Booty and the Beast?"