Saturday, May 9, 2009


The last weekend in April I went to see Wicked at the capitol theatre in Salt Lake City. Last year I went to see it in LA with some box office friends and loved it so much! I knew I had to see it when it came to Utah. Rob was unable to come because he had finals the next week and had to stay home and study. Luckily Stephanie was able to come instead. It was so great to have her. Glinda and Elphaba were both understudies for our performance. Elphaba was amazing, but I thought Glinda struggled with comedic timing. Fieryo was my all time favorite. He was amazing.
I am alreay planning when I can see it again.
When we were in Salt Lake I really wanted to ride Trax. Call me silly, but I had never been on public transportation and I really wanted the experience. So at 9:00pm we headed to a trax station in Sandy and rode all the way downtown to temple square. It was a pretty lonely ride, but fun. The temple was beautiful. When we went to get back on Trax to go back to Sandy the trains were all so crowded because the Jazz game had just ended. We could barely find a place to stand. As we were all standing for the long ride back to the hotel I couldn't help but say..."This is more what I had in mind." What a fun trip.


Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm just now starting to read the book... I've heard so many great things about it!

Sara Ward said...

That's funny about public transportation. I was the same way a few years ago. I made Mark take me on a city bus in Long Beach, and I love riding trax. I would take the kids all the time. I love your header. I need to make one for my blog.

Amanda Raybould said...

Thanks for the ride up! Love the new layout and picture! Baby Rob is getting so big!