Thursday, January 1, 2009


Christmas this year was so much fun. I really wanted to stay at my moms house on Christmas eve and Rob was a good sport and came along. I just don't know how many more opportunities we will have to all be together on Christmas morning. My sister Jenni and her family, and my brother Sol and his kids also stayed the night. It was a full house. Little Robbie must have known it was an exciting night because he would not fall asleep. Finally at about 2 am we were headed for bed. Of course Robbie had no idea what was really happening, but it was so much fun to see him on Christmas. Both sets of grandparents spoiled him rotten. In the morning my dad, Rob, and I made breakfast for the family. After breakfast and playing with new toys we headed over to Knowltons to talk to Jeff. It was so great to talk to him! He only has about 8 months left in Brazil before he comes home. I cant wait.

These are the grandkids in their new Christmas pajamas. They were all so excited :)

I have never had a white Christmas before so when it was snowing all night Christmas eve and we woke up with a bunch of snow on the ground I was so excited. Santa even made us a snowman before he left. I understand that we were quite lucky because in St. George (my parents live in Ivins) none of the snow stuck to the ground and they woke up with a wet, mushy Christmas.


Higgins Family said...

Ok first of all it sounded like you had a great Christmas. Robbie will be even more interested next year but might actually sleep a little better on Christmas Eve. And second of all - We know that the Broncos (and even the Chargers) have no right to be in the play offs. There were plenty of other teams that deserved to be there but unfortunately due to the divisions are not. So I will just hope and pray that I can watch the Chargers get eliminated by the Colts this weekend. :)

Katie Leigh said...

Rob looks dead. You have a very photogenic family!

Michael and Bonnie said...

Hello Lisa! Cute Snowman. Santa is pretty talented :) Good to see your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy! You're little man is so cute! Can't wait to meet him in person :)