Saturday, November 1, 2008


For Halloween Rob, Robbie, and I went to Trunk or Treat at the church by my sisters house. It has been a family tradition ever since her ward started doing trunk or treat a few years ago. All the family meets at the church and my Grandpa Gardner gets to pass out all the candy. The church is in Dixie Downs (and no offense to anyone who lives in Dixie Downs...I grew up there myself) boy do you see some strange people. This year Jenni didn't get Carter a costume and she didn't really think about what he was going to be until an hour before trunk or treating. We looked through he box of costumes and decided that he didn't want to be princess Aurora or Tinkerbell so we ended up wrapping him up in old cut up t-shirts and he was a mummy. He looked cute, but it was a pretty lame costume. Robbie got to dress up like a jack-o-lantern which was really just a bib, hat, and fun slippers. He didn't really get into his first Halloween very much. Maybe he will enjoy it more next year.