Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sick of it...

When you first start out and you are looking at that stick you peed on you are feeling so much joy. As time rolls by, and you start throwing up and feeling sick all the time, you still smile and think of how cute the little baby will be. Then you start showing. You cant wait to put on that first maternity outfit and show the world you are expecting. However, after nine months you are so done with being pregnant that you really don't care how much it is going to hurt, how many people are going to be checking you out "down there", what else is going to come out when you push, or how many sleepless nights are ahead of you...you just are done. I am happy to say that I have reached that point. If I walk into one more store and have all the ladies say "oh my goodness you look so cute!" I think I will punch someone. But if you must see how cute the bump is...here are some pictures.

7 Months

8 Months

About 8 months. (still happy about being pregnant)

My cankles. (They, by the way, are not happy about being pregnant)


Cynthia said...

Hey, at least you have pretty painted toe nails... :) I'll try not to say anything else here to make you want to punch me. Looking forward to hearing from you after you have the baby... I'm sure you're looking forward to after the baby comes too... but then I didn't need to tell you that... I'm ducking from my computer screen now... :) Also, call if you need any breastfeeding advise, or just to vent about anything.

Higgins Family said...

I feel your pain, all except the morning sickness (never had it thank goodness) I remember the first time my feet got swollen. Oh it felt so horrible. You will totally get through this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am anxiously awaiting the news of the little one being born. Good luck and rest up now. :)