Friday, August 17, 2007

What a Summer!

It has been a great summer for Robbie and I. In June for our summer vacation we got to go to Weed, California. It was my first time being to weed, and it was really fun. The boys play a lot of golf and the girls do a lot of shopping. In the mornings we actually had to put on jackets and that was a nice change from the 100 degree weather we have in St. George.
Robbie had the summer off from school so he got to play a lot of golf. He also got to do things like clean the garage and change all the door knobs and hinges in the house. We've been working on improving our house a lot this summer. We're just doing one thing at a time, and its actually been a lot of fun.
My oldest neice, Abigail started kindergarten on Wednesday this week. I'm not sure about her mom, but I was freaking out. She is so cute and will do so well making friends and learning, but it is still the tendancy to worry about her.
My family started a running program this summer. We are doing a program I found online called the Couch to 5-K running program. We started out moslty walking, but we are working up to a three mile run this November. I've already lost about 10 lbs this summer and am hoping to lose about 25 more by Christmas.

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Cynthia said...

Nice blog! It's nice to know whats going on in your life, I miss you!