Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I hate Baron Davis

The Jazz beat the Warriors last night during game five to advance to the western conference semi finals. The game was a close one the whole time, until about half way through the third quarter when the Jazz started playing better and the Golden State Warriors started to get tired and frustrated. I played basketball in high school and I realize that is not the same level as the nba, however it is not alright to take cheep shots and risk someone getting hurt. I think that the Warriors 'true colors' came out during this series. They showed that they really arn't a classy organization and, like three year olds, started throwing a fit when they realized they weren't going to get what they want. Baron Davis is a very cocky player and I dont like him at all. That doesn't mean I think he is a crappy player but he bugs me. Anyway, I wont focus on the negative Warriors any longer. I think the Jazz played a very classy series and very much deserve to advance. So onto the Suns or the Spurs. Hopefully the Jazz get the rest they need and the Spurs and the Suns beat the crap out of each other so which ever team we get is bloody bruised and tired.

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